About the Course

Join Valhalla Training's Behaviourist Laura and step into the world of doggy Scentwork to learn how to train your own sniffer dog!

In this 3 hour, very practical workshop, learn all about the power of a dog's nose, how to teach your dog to search items and areas, and how easy it is to do Scentwork at home with your dog. ​

This is a great workshop for those with gun dog or hound breeds, as well as any busy dog that is in need of a job to do to help tire them out!

Any breed can do Scentwork - Laura herself competes with her Rottweiler cross Athena - so come along and have a go!




6th August 2022, 9am

Scentwork Superstars 1

Your Instructor

Laura Gault

Laura Gault