Joining a training programme is a big commitment, we get that. So before you sign up, get to know us a little here.

Laura, Our resident traine, and Ruby, our beautiful aging stooge.


First and foremost at Valhalla Dog Training, we have the one and only canine behaviourist herself, Laura. 

So, Introduce yourself. Who are you? 

Hi! I'm Laura, your friendly neighbourhood dog trainer. I've worked in animal rescue for years and over that time have seen the best and the worst. Often the worst stemmed from a lack of basic training, which caught early could've been easily avoided. Nowadays, I do everything I can to make sure new family members have a forever home. 

Tell us, what kind of training do you have?

Staying up to date on best training practices is vitally important, so that's a great question. I am qualified to dipCAPBT Level 4 (and working on my Level 5!), giving me a detailed knowledge of animal behaviour. This qualification also requires me to be constantly reviewing and updating my knowledge so you can be assured you'll only receive the latest, best guidance.

I'm also a member of ICAN, which means I'm constantly under review to offer only the best - no pressure! This also gives me access to all the latest in research and learning so I can continuously hone my skills. Of course, if you'd like to know more I'd be happy to show you the details, just get in touch. 

I'm ALSO also a member of the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter - while this isn't a qualification as such, it aims to ensure dog owners that its signatory organisations and their members will adhere to the most modern, scientifically-proven, positive methodology. I am a proud member of The Charter and will never, ever advocate for anything but compassionate, force-free, non-punitive and science-led methods. 



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The Great Oaf Athena

Athena joined us as a puppy in 2020, and being a larger breed we've been working on loads of ways to keep her entertained and making sure that she is polite and well socialised.


Athena is brilliant with other dogs, and loves getting involved as a more active assistant since she can show interest in other dogs without being boisterous or rude! Despite her size, she is brilliant with puppies of all sizes and can be very gentle with them. Athena often attends our Puppy classes as Laura's personal assistant, helping guide younger dogs as they learn how to be polite and how to play nicely.


Little Lizzi

Lizzi joined us when she was 7 months old. She has joint deformities and a very smart brain, which left her needing a very special home. She has resource guarding tendencies towards other dogs around food and some toys so we've spent a lot of time working on this together and we've come so far! 

Lizzi is a great assistant as she is very calm around dogs and teaches puppies that not every dog will want to play with them. She's very good at saying no, thank you - without spooking those playful puppies. 



Arty is the latest addition to the Valhalla Team, having joined in 2021. She first came in as a foster and like many other fosters before her we anticipated keeping her for a few months while the charity who had rescued her from neglect and abuse found her a forever home.


As it turned out, they'd already found her a forever home. Despite her best attempts to irritate, annoy and generally bring hooliganism wherever she went, everyone here fell for her and in late 2021, she was officially adopted.  

Since then she's proved underneath that thugish exterior she's brilliantly intelligent and has gone from nearly zero training when she arrived to one of the Valhalla Team Stooge dogs, working alongside Athena in our classes and soon even our one to one training.