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Great and Small Beginnings

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The Great (and probably not very wise) & Small Blog

A Blog? What's this?

What we do here at G&S can sometimes be a complicated thing to explain, so we thought - why not show you? The idea here is that each week we'll be posting the latest news, insights, thoughts and goings on from around East Sussex as Laura and her trusty sidekicks do their thing.

And yes, there will be plenty of puppy photos, because we all know that's what you're really here for.

You look how I feel buddy.

Day One, Post One, One One… One.

“I never said it was a good idea, just that it was a idea.”

Famous last words around here, those. So what's new at Great And Small?

The website!

Oh my yes, the website! Have you seen it? I assume you have, since, you know, you're on it. What do you think? Be honest. Over lockdown we didn't really have a whole lot going on, so we took some time to give the site a little refresh, redesign and a spruce up. We've also brought in a whole host of new features, the biggest of which by far is our new booking system. This makes life so, so much easier for everyone and gives our clients a much simpler path to booking the right course, programme or group class for their needs. Well, it will, once it's fully up and running.

Rather than the old way of simply calling, chatting and figuring out where we can fit you in, we now have a completely digital system offering reminders, online payment plans and so much more.

Of course, it's new, so there will be teething problems - sorry. If you have any trouble at all, the old way still works too and of course we'd love to hear from you.

New Things!

Those are a secret, shhh! Rumour has it we have some new classes in the works now we're at long last on our way out of Covid lockdowns. These will cater to what you are all telling us you need, and will of course be absolutely rammed with all the exciting, fun and educational content new clients hope for and existing ones have come to expect. Keep a eye on the site for these, as when they go live we're expecting them to fill up quick!

Did you say a online shop?

No, I didn't. Who told you? Well yes, we're actually going to be adding a webshop to the site very soon. We've not sold out, don't fret, you're friendly neighbourhood dog trainer is still just that. Often though, we find ourselves asked what the best tools for training are and number one is good food. We're thinking if we have these high quality, pure dried meat, tasty treats on site and at classes and courses, you get the reassurance only the best ingredients are going in your dog (well, apart from the cat poop, but we don't mention that do we?) and you help us out a little more instead of your local conglomerate megastore inc. Of course, now and always, bring treats and snacks of your choice - we're simply offering options and backups for the forgetful among us.

Cumbersome Covid

It's still here isn't it? I can smell it.

Unfortunately, this pandemic isn't over yet, so we're still taking all the precautions we can to keep you, us and everyone else safe. For the time being that does include face masks and social distancing, even after the restrictions lift. With what we do being so personal, and often Laura visiting multiple clients a day, lets be safe rather than sorry.

You a bit warm there, Athena?

Lastly, the weather.

It's been a bit mad lately, hasn't it? With this ever-changing weather we're having to be very careful with our classes and training sessions - if it's too hot it's simply not fair on the dog to go ahead. It could even become dangerous for them with the forecast heat coming, so if we cancel on you please do remember: It's us, not you. And it's for everyone's sake.

We will of course reschedule and get you booked in again once it's a bit cooler... or drier... or not snowing... or whatever comes next!

That's it for now, but there'll be more of these to come with more interesting or exciting news as it happens. Or maybe just a pretty dog we saw, we'll see.

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