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Anco Pate 200g

Anco Pate 200g

Shipping after the RSPCA Fun Day, 25th June

Pure and nutritious with nothing artificial added, Anco Pate is suitable for dogs of all ages including puppies, older dogs, and dogs who can't manage harder chews. Available in a variety of single-source proteins, Anco Pate contains the superfood Chia for strength and endurance as well as a herbal mix to aid digestion and help strengthen the immune system. Naturally rich in Omega 3, vitamins, and minerals, Anco Pate is a tasty and nutritious treat suitable for training, filling toys, spreading on licking mats, or hiding tablets in. Dice, Slice, Spread, Stuff, or Form!


Any natural treat containing bone carries a risk of splintering. 

Dogs should always be supervised when eating.

Fresh water should be available at all times. 



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