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XL Bully Training

By now you've probably heard the news that the government is going to add XL Bullies to the banned breeds list. Well we have absolutely nothing polite (or particularly friendly) to say about this.

So here at Valhalla we have decided to step up and offer as much practical help as we possibly can. 
We are offering training and behaviour support to owners of XL Bullies and similar breeds. 

We know first hand how scary this news is for owners of XL Bullies - it's likely that our rescue girl Artemis is going to be considered an XL Bully "type" when the new law comes in. We know that many owners are feeling lost, angry and scared for their dogs. We are here to help you and your dogs. Reach out and drop us a message.

If you'd like to join us for any of these classes please hit the link below to get in touch

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