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About the Course

Terrible Teens is a course designed for those dogs just coming into that age. We all know it, teens who suddenly have no interest in your training and just want to chase the girls, right? 

Well, bring them down for Laura, Valhalla Canine behaviourist, to have a word with! 

Through this class, we explore some fun, interesting ways to help keep those terrible teens on track with their training and make walks, days out and having guests over much more manageable. 

This course has been designed from the ground up by our Behaviourist Laura Gault, utilising her experience and knowledge in the field to ensure each week both you and your dog are getting the very best teaching and training - in ways that are fun too, we hope!

All Class events also have access to the Valhalla Feasting Hall to restock those treats and even take home some special treats. 

Terrible Teens




6 Weeks

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