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Breed Box: Collies

Breed Box: Collies

Shipping after the RSPCA Fun Day, 25th June

Our Breed Boxes are designed by our Behaviourist Laura to help take some of the hassle out of picking appropriate chews, and they save you money too! 


This one is geared toward those bigger, high-energy dogs like Collies. In it you'll find: 


- Three Natural Pig Ears 

- One Large Pizzle

- Five Large Goose Feet

- Three Large Cow Ears 

- One Meaty Cow Hoof

- Two Lambs Legs (The Irony!)

- One Anco Training Treat bag 

- One Anco Pate (Surprise flavour) 


These boxes not only work out more conveniently but are cheaper too, with a hearty saving vs buying all these bits individually. 


Happy Chewing! 


Any natural treat containing bone carries a risk of splintering. 

Dogs should always be supervised when eating.

Fresh water should be available at all times. 

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